Ausangate Trek 5 days Experience Plus Rainbow Mountain



Part of being alive is enjoying breathtaking experiences, and knowing magical places to keep memories, experiences, or knowledge, and the 5-day trek to Ausangate offers this and much more.

The snow-capped Ausangate is one of the mountains that make up the Andes, it is considered a sacred, religious place and is believed to have its own name and energy. Thousands of people come to this place in the months of May to June, when a religious festival is held to pay homage to the Pachamama and the Apus (spirits that inhabit these mountains) and perform rituals related to the fertility of the land.

If you are a hiker, nature lover, or want to live an adventure that hardly any other destination can give you, the Ausangate hike is just the experience you need because this snowy mountain south of Cusco has a height of 6384 m where you will meet beautiful Andean villages, part of their culture and history, crystalline lagoons, hot springs and views that you will never forget.

In your tour of the Ausangate trek 5 days with the rainbow mountain, which is the fifth highest in Peru and one of the most representative of the area, you can also enjoy turquoise lakes, such as Lake Sibinacocha, its glaciers, its peculiar forest of stones and the beautiful view of its colorful mountain.

Another experience that you will undoubtedly treasure on your trip with us will be at the end of each tour; you will enjoy delicious meals with elements grown in the area, as well as outdoor camping and the diverse flora and fauna of the Apu Ausangate that is simply magical.

If you want to get into an unprecedented journey, live a rewarding experience, know one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and discover part of the rituals, beliefs, and how the Vilcanota Valley is nowadays, don’t miss our 5 days and 4 nights trekking to Ausangate!


Day 1. Bus Cusco – Tinqui– Upis

Day 2: Upis to Puca Cocha- Ananta

Day 3 : Ananta – Rainbow Mountain -Ausangate cocha

Day 4 : Ausangate cocha- quinsacocha – jampa

Day 5 : Jampa- Pacchanta- Cusco


  • Lakes with different shades of blue, including Puca Cocha and Japu Cocha
  • Multiple waterfalls and incredible views.
  • a variety of fauna (such as foxes, alpacas, llamas, and the majestic condor)
  • Camps in secluded places with views of lagoons and snow-capped mountains
  •  Ausangate Peak: considered the highest in the Cusco region
  • The ascent to the pass, 500 meters above the Puca Cocha camp, is arduous.
  • Exquisite food: You will taste these 5 days of a variety of Peruvian cuisine
  • The unique Mountain of Colors
  • Pacchanta thermal baths


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Tour Price 5 Days Tour 4 Nights

Ausangate Trek 5 Days to Rainbow Mountain Ausangate Trek 5 days Experience Plus Rainbow Mountain
Price From
$ 450 per Person
Group SizeUP TO 10
Trip StylesHIKING
Lodging TypeCamps, HoteCAMPSl

Trip Itinerary


We will start this 5-day trek to Ausangate at 5:30 am, which is the time we will pick you up at the hotel where you are staying, bound for the town of Upis, for which it will take us about 3 and a half hours to arrive.

The total distance traveled is 12 km, and during the tour, you will see the people who live in the place, beautiful houses, and a landscape that is without a doubt incomparable. As we travel we will make a couple of stops so you can observe the landscape and capture some photos.

Arriving at the town and ready with all the necessary equipment for the hike to Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain, we will embark on a trip that will last 2 hour and a half through the Ausangate Valley. During the tour, you will be able to see part of its fauna, made up of alpacas, llamas, the beautiful Andean goose, and the cute Andean cat, which is in danger of extinction.

At the end of this 2-and-a-half-hour tour, we will take a break in Pamparapa to replenish energy and fill your stomach with the best gastronomy in the area. At the end of lunch, we will resume the walk for 3 hours and a half more to take you to the Yana Qocha camp, and from there we will visit Arapa, where you will see the mountains and eroded valleys of the area that are simply majestic.

In this camp, we will provide you with a delicious and nutritious dinner, as well as a comfortable space for your rest for day 2

  • Hiking Time: 6 – 7 hours
  • Hiking Distance: 12 km / 7.46 miles
  • Lowest Point: 4,350 m / 14,272 ft
  • Highest Point: 4,800 m / 15,748 ft


On this day our route will consist of visiting Yana Qocha and Qomer Qocha in depth; therefore, we will start our activities at 5:30 am to have breakfast, drink a delicious mate, and prepare to continue the 5-day trek to Ausangate.

The tour will be along a path with irregular ascents and descents in which you will be able to see beautiful lagoons with an intense turquoise color, worthy of a postcard. After walking for 1 hour and a half, we will come across a zigzag path from which you can admire the Vilcanota mountain range from a good angle, with its glacial peaks and hills full of vibrant colors.

Once there, we will descend little by little towards a place called Ananta, which is where we will have lunch and continue for 2 hours walking until we reach a pass called Warmisaya. From this place, you will be able to see how majestic and imposing the rainbow mountain of Ausangate is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful panoramas.

After visualizing this incredible landscape and seeing that every minute of the walk was worth it, we will go down for 30 minutes towards the second camp that awaits us where we can eat, bathe, relax, and recharge our batteries for day 3.

  • Hiking Time: 8 – 9 hours
  • Hiking Distance: 12 km / 7.46 miles
  • Lowest Point: 4,600 m / 15,092 ft
  • Highest Point: 5,000 m / 16,404 ft


Day 3 begins with a nutritious breakfast and an energizing coca tea to explore the rainbow mountain. We will depart from the camp to the rainbow mountain and the journey will take approximately 1 hour and a half. We will remain for about 45 minutes upon reaching our destination to enjoy, and admire the surroundings and then get ready to go down the Ananta trail to have lunch at 12:30 a delicious and substantial dish.

After having lunch and resting a bit, we will go to the next camp called Ausangate Qocha; which will take us 3 hours to arrive. Once there, you will be able to rest, interact with the group, charge your electronic equipment, relax, and recharge your batteries for a wonderful day 4

  • Hiking Time: 8 – 9 hours
  • Hiking Distance: 15 km / 9.32 miles
  • Lowest Point: 4600 M
  • Highest Point: 5,050 m / 16,568 ft


As on the previous days of the Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain trek, we will begin activities at 5:30 am. For this, we will have breakfast, get ready, and head towards the Palomani pass, which has 5130 meters and is the highest of the entire journey to the snow-capped Ausangate.

When you get there, you will be able to observe the colorful hills that are nearby, and as you descend you will see the beautiful valley that makes up these mountains, which is the place where we will have lunch.

At the end of lunch, we will descend 2 hours down the hill to reach Jhampapampa camp where we will enjoy tea time, dinner, and rest for day 5.

  • Hiking Time: 7 – 8 hours
  • Hiking Distance: 10 km / 6.21 miles
  • Lowest Point: 4,600 m / 15,092 ft
  • Highest Point: 5,130 m / 16,831 ft


Day 5 of this wonderful journey through the snowy Ausangate has arrived! So do not worry, this day awaits landscapes that match or exceed those you have already seen. In the morning, the first thing we will do is have breakfast and enjoy the restorative thermal baths that this area offers.

Next, we will go to Pacchanta, which is the center of Tinke village. There, we will walk for 2 hours, you can observe the end of this tour which is really beautiful, capture the last hours of this journey, to finally board the transport that will take you to the city of Cusco.

  • Hiking Time: 7 – 8 hours
  • Hiking Distance: 12 km / 6.83 miles
  • Lowest Point: 4,300 m / 14,108 ft
  • Highest Point: 5,060 m / 16,601 ft

Tour Inclusions

What’s Included For Ausangate Trek  5 Days?

  • Pre-trek briefing at your hotel in Cusco the night before the trek to go over the itinerary and answer any questions
  • English-speaking professional guide
  • Hiking stick
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Emergency horse for ride
  • Pick up from your hotel in the morning of the first day
  • Private transport to the starting point of the trek
  • High quality camping equipment 3 (High mountain tents, comfortable and spacious created for 03 people, which are used only by 02 people.
  • Extra-thick foam mattress sleeping pad to put under your sleeping bag
  • Duffle bags for your personal stuff up to 8kg/17.6lbs
  • Chef and cooking equipment and kitchen tent
  • Dining and cooking tents with tables and stools
  • Two breakfasts, two lunches, one dinner and snacks on the trail both days
  • Dietary needs: able to cater to any dietary preference/need
  • Hot water every morning/evening for hand washing purposes
  • Horsemen and horses (to carry tents/food/cooking equipment)
  • Horse to transport 8 kg of your personal gear
  • Boiled/purified water to fill water bottles every morning/afternoon
  • First-aid kit including an emergency oxygen tank
  • Private transport back to your hotel in Cusco

What’s not Included For Ausangate Trek 5 Days?

  • Hotel before/after the trek
  • Travel interruption & travel medical/evacuation insurance (required)
  • Tips for the crew (guide, chef, wranglers)


Starting at
$ 450 USD
Per person (Group service)

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ausangate trek 5 days
ausangate trek 5 days
ausangate trek 5 days

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  • Backpack of 25 liters with a Rain cover.
  • Extra hiking socks (wool is best).
  • Trekking pants and rain pants.
  • Running shoes to wear in the evenings.
  • Water-resistant hiking shoes.
  • Warm clothing (thermal underwear, fleece, hat, and gloves).
  • Rain gear (poncho).
  • Synthetic or cotton clothing (trousers, shorts, t-shirts).
  • Sunhat and sunglasses.
  • Sun cream.
  • Lip Balm.
  • Camera/ extra battery.
  • Water bottles.
  • Basic medications.
  • Personal items.
  • Cash (if you’d like to purchase souvenirs).



The pricing for the Ausangate trek 5 days  varies based on the number of participants in a group. If you’re interested in joining an existing group, inquire about departure dates and availability. If you don’t find a suitable group for your preferred dates, you can start a new group, and the initial price will be determined by the number of registrants. The final price will be adjusted according to the total number of travelers in the group.


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What is the best time to visit the Ausangate Glacier?

The best time is from May to October, which is the dry season in Cusco, and therefore on this mountain. For the rest of the months, it is usually a colder climate, unexpected rains, and cloudiness; therefore, if you decide to go on these dates, we invite you to take your forecasts.

How can I prevent altitude sickness before the tour to Ausangate?

We recommend you arrive in the city of Cusco a day before, in order to help you acclimatize. Likewise, if possible, avoid eating fatty foods or alcoholic beverages, and, finally, you could try a drink widely used by the Incas (coca leaf tea) which will help you minimize and avoid dizziness, nausea, or fatigue that causes altitude sickness.

Is the trek to Ausangate difficult?

This route is considered somewhat difficult and demanding; since it has a high altitude, as well as ascents and descents that require good physical condition on the part of the tourist.

How can I physically prepare for the Ausangate route?

Regardless of whether you are a physically active person or not, we advise you to consider the following aspects to prepare for your tour of the Ausangate mountain:

• Before the trip, try to walk for several days, long and irregular sections, as well as do some activity with a cardiovascular impact to start conditioning your body.

• If possible, try to arrive in Cusco 1 or two days before the trek to Ausangate so that you can familiarize yourself and get used to the weather and altitude and not suffer from altitude sickness during the trek.

• Maintain a healthy, nutritious diet that gives you energy, and rest so that you have good energy for your expedition to the snowy Ausangate.

How is the food they serve for the Ausangate tour?

One of the aspects that we take care of the most for this trip is food. During each day that the activity lasts, you will try a variety of dishes, typical of Peruvian cuisine, with local ingredients, created by nutritionists and chefs, which will provide you with all the necessary nutrients to enjoy the walk to this Apu every day.

Can I bring the children to the tour?

Due to how challenging the 5-day rainbow mountain hike and Ausangate can be, it is recommended not to take small children; since they are usually long walks and areas that must be traveled with caution. However, this trip is allowed for children over 12 years of age who are in good physical condition to complete the walk without problems.

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