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The Highest Ausangate Trek in Peru

The Ausangate Trek is a stunning hike through the wildest and rarely visited areas in Peru. Namely, the beautiful Cordillera Vilcanota mountain range.

The Ultimate Travel Guide For Hiking The Inca Trail

Explore nuestra guía completa para realizar la caminata Ausangate y aprenda cómo prepararse para una de las caminatas más desafiantes pero gratificantes del Perú. Todos los recorridos de Ausangate Trek, si bien son una aventura visualmente impresionante, son una especie de peregrinación espiritual.

The Classic 4Day Inca Trail is a more popular hike in the region, and for that reason, it is more crowded and limited in availability. Ausangate is an off-the-beaten-track hiking alternative with minimal foot traffic, allowing you to carve into the mystical side of an ancient Andean world.

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Why Choose the Ausangate Trek?

  1. Natural Beauty: Immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of the Andes, with towering peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and vibrant valleys.
  2. Cultural Immersion: Encounter indigenous communities that have inhabited these lands for centuries, preserving their traditions, languages, and way of life.
  3. Off-the-Beaten-Path: Escape the crowds and experience the serenity of untouched wilderness as you trek through remote trails.
  4. Physical Challenge: Challenge yourself with high-altitude hiking, crossing mountain passes, and exploring rugged terrain.
  5. Unique Wildlife: Keep your eyes peeled for Andean condors, vicuñas, and other native wildlife as you traverse diverse ecosystems.

Planning Your Ausangate Trek

If you are planning an Ausangate Trek, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The best time to go: The best time to go on the Ausangate Trek is during the dry season, which is from May to September.
  • Permits: You will need a permit to trek the Ausangate Trek. Permits can be obtained from the National Institute of Culture (INC) in Cusco.
  • Fitness level: The Ausangate Trek is a moderate to challenging trek. You should be in good physical condition before starting the trek.
  • Acclimatization: It is important to spend a few days acclimatizing to the altitude in Cusco before starting the trek. This will help to reduce the risk of altitude sickness.

What to Pack for the Ausangate Trek

Here are some essential items to pack for the Ausangate Trek:

  • Hiking boots: You will need a good pair of hiking boots that are broken in.
  • Warm clothes: The nights can be cold at high altitude, so be sure to pack plenty of warm clothes.
  • Rain gear: It is important to be prepared for rain, even during the dry season.
  • Sun protection: The sun is strong at high altitude, so be sure to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • First-aid kit: Be sure to pack a first-aid kit in case of any injuries.