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Availability and permits of the Inca Trail 2024

The inca trail tour to Machu Picchu is one of the world’s most popular tours, this road is full of beautiful landscapes, trails surrounded by mountains, cloud forests, etc. They are somewhat natural appeal of this road which was created by the Incas centuries ago, this path made of stones used it to reach the lost city of MachuPicchu.

Peru is a splendid place, full of places to visit and learn from, which can range from archaic cities to majestic beaches, forests, nature reserves, museums, archaeological sites, and much more that you cannot miss if you are visiting this South American country.

This nation is a fascinating destination, where you can discover many places such as the famous Machu Picchu, the Inca trail, the Humantay Lagoon, Salkantay, the Rainbow Mountain, and much more, where you will be immersed in an unparalleled wealth, cultural, gastronomically, natural and archaeological.

However, you must bear in mind that to visit many of these places, permits for the Inca Trail are required, and for this, we have prepared the following detailed information for you, so that you can be prepared for your next vacation in Peru.

The definitive guide to permits of the Inca Trail 2024

For reasons of protecting culture and historical spaces, certain measures have been implemented that seek to ensure that the cultural and ecological structure of the Inca trail does not suffer so much damage, due to the constant use and passage of tourists and locals to the mentioned area; these regulations are linked to the daily decrease in passers-by.

Added to this, every February, the Inca trail is closed to carry out various maintenance and renovation works, in addition, due to rains it is a way to reduce risks.

That said, the availability and permits of the Inca Trail 2024 are issued by the only authorized entity (the Ministry of Culture) through tourist agencies, and the following requirements are required:

● Valid passport (if you are a foreigner): in good condition, it must be the same one you take on the trip, as every detail will be reviewed by the rangers throughout the journey.

● Identity document (if you are Hispanic American): Also it is in good condition and current.

● DNI (if you are Peruvian): valid and in good condition.

How to obtain the Inca Trail permits?

● Hire an authorized agency.

● Check that the Inca trail has online availability

● Provide the data requested by the agency.

● Select the type of service.

● Confirm and make the corresponding payment.

Permits of the Inca Trail 2023

Frequent questions

Regarding the permits of the Inca Trail, there are many concerns and doubts, so below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Can a beginner hike the Inca Trail?

Suppose you can walk the Inca Trail as a beginner, as long as your physical conditions allow it. In that case, that is to say, that you are in good condition and that you prepare yourself physically in terms of the climate that prevails there, in addition, you must follow instructions throughout the journey from trained and guiding personnel.

Can I hike the Inca Trail alone?

No, since it is a zone protected by the Peruvian state, which means that authorization is required from the competent authorities to enter this route, therefore, you must be accompanied by the agency you hired.

How do I get the permits for the Inca Trail?

Choose an agency authorized by the Ministry of Culture, since these are the ones that have certain (limited) quotas that they grant to tourists, managing everything pertinent, they will request all the documents and personal data necessary to start the process.

After they confirm the availability of the Inca Trail 2023, and verify your data, they proceed to confirm the date of your trip, for which you must make the deposit, confirm the reservation, and that’s it! You will receive permission to walk this beautiful route.

How long does it take to get the Inca Trail permits?

There is no exact time, the important thing is to make the reservation with sufficient anticipation to avoid any inconvenience and unnecessary displeasure since everything is according to availability.

When are the Inca Trail permits for sale?

These permits are issued approximately in the month of October, starting on the fifth of this month, however, everything depends on the Ministry of Culture, so it can take two weeks or more from the mentioned date.

How soon should I book the Inca Trail permits?

It will depend on the date you want to visit the Inca Trail, since, in the months from May to August, the demand is very high, so it is advisable to book a minimum of eight months to one year in advance. anticipation; while, for the months with less demand such as November, December, and January, six months in advance will be sufficient.

In addition, if the tour is only two days, it is easier to obtain the permit than for those who bet on the four or five-day tour, which is why, if you want the two-day tour, a few weeks in advance will suffice

  How are the Inca Trail permits reserved?

● The main thing is that you must find an authorized tourist agency of your choice since they are the ones that can manage and grant you the permits.

● You must have your passport available and current.

● You must be sure of the travel dates, as they are not modifiable or transferable.

● Your passport details cannot differ in any way, otherwise you will not be able to take the tour; since, it will be verified in detail from the beginning.


Peru is a destination full of magical places that captivate everyone who takes the time to get to know it, They also adjust to all tastes, as there are mountain ranges, lakes, plains, jungles and much more for everyone to enjoy. For this reason and for much more, we invite you to process with us the Inca Trail permits or visit each of the destinations that we have available on our tours. We guarantee total security, full, comfortable enjoyment and above all full of adventures, always leaving you wanting to continue knowing Peru.

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